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Cup of Joe Coffee


Who’s Joe?
Joe is a young adult with autism, the son of the founder of SNACK*, Jackie Ceonzo, and one of many young adults with developmental disabilities at SNACK*.

Joe and his friends label, package, and ship the ‘Cup of Joe’ coffee on a daily basis through the newly implemented 21+ program at SNACK*, a New York City based non-profit organization committed to the continuous growth and empowerment of children and adults with special needs.

Why Coffee?
One of our SNACK* families opened the door to the coffee industry for us, providing our young adults with a vocational opportunity to label, package, and mail a real product.

SNACK* 21+ provides these special young adults with a safe and welcoming environment, where they can experience fun, make friends, learn independence, practice skills, and gain a sense of accomplishment.
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